[Apache] Настройка Basic аутентификации в Apache


Добавляем блок в виртуалхосты *.80, *.443
[Ansible] приоритет переменных

role defaults
inventory vars
inventory group_vars
inventory host_vars
playbook group_vars
playbook host_vars
host facts
play vars
play vars_prompt
play vars_files
registered vars
role and include vars
block vars (only for tasks in block)
task vars (only for the task)
extra vars (always win precedence)

AD администрирование в PowerShell
  • Open Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn On/Off Windows Features
  • Find "Remote Server Administration Tools" and expand it
  • Find "Role Administration Tools" and expand it
  • Find "AD DS And AD LDS Tools" and expand it
  • Check the box next to "Active Directory Module For Windows PowerShell".
  • Click OK and allow Windows to install the feature